The Best Drinks To Shrink Visceral Fat

The Best Drinks To Shrink Visceral Fat

With these nutritious beverages, you can reduce your chances of accumulating difficult-to-lose belly fat.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably looking at how to target belly fat, also known as visceral fat. But what is visceral fat, and what healthy drinks will help you eliminate it?

This sort of fat is accumulated in the abdominal cavity. However, carrying too much visceral fat can be problematic since it can build up in your arteries and raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some malignancies.

Working on overall weight loss will result in a reduction in visceral fat deposits. This is because, sadly, it is not physically viable to target belly fat directly, even though many products will pitch themselves as having miraculous belly fat loss effects. Focusing on a diet is a brilliant place to start if you want to lose weight and burn visceral fat healthily and sustainably. One crucial aspect of a weight loss diet is focusing on what you are and are not drinking. Certain beverages have been shown to help reduce visceral fat.

While these drinks aren’t a miracle cure for weight loss, they could significantly help your visceral fat loss goals. Continue reading to learn about the best drinks for reducing visceral fat.

Green tea

Making a cup of green tea during the day is an excellent way to fight your visceral fat. It boosts our metabolism and contains EGCG, an antioxidant demonstrated in research to target fat cells and enhance metabolism mainly.

Green tea has also been shown to help with abdominal fat removal specifically. For example, consuming four or more cups of green tea per week was linked to a 44% lower chance of developing abdominal obesity than not drinking any.


Yes, it can be that simple! Water is essential in the body’s fat-burning process. So increasing your water intake may help you lose weight and visceral fat, making this drink a fantastic example of how visceral fat reduction can result from general body fat loss.

Increased hydration was linked to weight loss, while another study discovered that drinking enough water helped to suppress appetite and contributed to weight loss.


If you stick to black coffee, it may help you lose visceral fat. Coffee contains theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid, which boosts your metabolism and may lead to weight loss.

Four cups of coffee every day could lower body fat by 4%. In addition, coffee high in chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant frequently present in coffee beans, was proven to help with visceral fat loss and general body fat loss.

The white tea

White tea is a wonderfully warming beverage that enhances metabolism, which may help you burn more body and visceral fat. According to one study, white tea can improve metabolic rate by 4-5%, which amounts to burning approximately 70-100 calories. This is because white tea contains EGCG, the same chemical found in green tea that has been linked to increased metabolism. In addition, white tea contains EGCG, which may have the capacity to block the development of new fat cells.

Protein shakes

If you want a beverage that will taste delicious, keep you full, and help you accomplish your visceral fat targets, you should try a protein shake. Regarding overall body fat, ingesting high-quality protein can help you maintain or lose weight by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism. Still, evidence suggests it may also help you reduce visceral fat.

A high-quality protein with 10 grams of necessary amino acids ingested every meal was found to aid in the reduction of belly fat. The good news is that these EAAs may be found in many protein types of whey protein powders. So, the next time you’re short on energy and desperately need a healthy boost, whip yourself a tasty protein shake!

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