Veggie Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Can I share a secret with you? Veggie “breakfast” sandwiches like this make a great, straightforward meal any time of day. So for busy days, keep this recipe in your back pocket.

Most breakfast sandwiches have a lot of butter, cheese, and bacon, making them rich and filling. This vegetarian breakfast sandwich is far healthier. It has a tiny bit of melted cheese and some fresh vegetables to balance it out.

Because of how quickly this egg-cooking method works, your egg will be done when your muffin comes out of the toaster. Next, add any raw, crisp vegetables you like to your drawer.

The onion and spicy sauce ingredients are my favorites because they are both flavorful on their own and counterbalance the richness of the eggs and cheese. An exciting substitute combination would be feta, raw spinach, and roasted red pepper. When eggs are included, goat cheese is a great choice as well.

How to Make the Best Breakfast Sandwich

The ideal breakfast sandwich has layers of contradictory flavors and textures. Here is what I recommend:

  1. To toast your English muffin for a little extra crunch and a toasted flavor.
  2. The bottom bun should be covered in good mayonnaise for some creaminess and tang. Again, I advise Sir Kensington’s line of products.
  3. In a bowl, mash some avocado. The remaining bun is readily covered in the mash.
  4. Place your prepared cheesy egg onto the mayonnaise side. Next, add a slice of red tomato only if and when tomatoes are in season.
  5. Add some red onion after that to give the dish some flavor and crispness to balance out the soft egg. If you’re allergic to onions, you can get some of the edges off by rinsing the sliced onions under cool running water.
  6. Add a few drops of spicy sauce to the red onion. I enjoy Tabasco. The sharp acidity cuts through the rich, creamy flavor of the eggs and cheese and nearly gives the onions a pickled taste.
  7. Arugula has a spicy, fresh flavor. Fill it up!
  8. The avocado bun should then be positioned on top, avocado side down. Slice the sandwich by gently inserting a sharp, pointed knife into the center and cutting across to one edge. Replicate going the other way. Serve hot.

How to Cook the Egg

Essentially, one egg is scrambled with a tiny quantity of water (the water helps stop the egg from browning too quickly). Then, pour it into a hot, medium-sized pan that has been greased. It almost instantly starts to set.

Place a few cheese slices in the center to melt, then fold one side over the center, then the other. Repeat on the two different sides. You’re done now!

This method of preparing eggs will win over anyone who dislikes runny yolks, including children. Check it out for yourself.

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