10 Americans' Favorite States

The U.S. is diverse and lovely, but Americans think not all states are equal. Some states are better to live in.


California, one of the nation's most progressive and attractive states, is a popular destination to live. Its lovely beaches, weather, and residents make up for its hefty taxes on high-earners.


Alaska isn't even in the contiguous US, therefore I doubt many would recommend it. I've found the folks here to be polite and the open space divine.

North Carolina

North Carolina is a microcosm of the US with a diversified population in many distinct places. North Carolina has something for everyone—liberals, mountaineers, and more!


Wisconsin, the jewel of the Midwest, boasts culture, history, and nice people.


Hawaii tops many people's best-living states lists for obvious reasons: It's a great spot to visit and reside because of the weather, beaches, and food.


Oregon is an affordable alternative to California and Washington. Forests, deserts, mountains, valleys, and canyons make Oregon stunning.

New York

New York is best for many. It's the US's cultural center and home to New York metropolis, the world's most interesting metropolis.


I was astonished to see so much affection for Minnesota, one of the northernmost states, and reviews like this make it seem too good to be true.


Florida's political climate and low cost of living attract like-minded Americans. Florida has a vibrant tourism economy, wonderful year-round weather.


Texas is where conservatives go. Most folks say Texas barbeque will hook anyone.

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