10 America's Worst Cities

1. Alabama: Bessemer

Bessemer, Alabama, has a six-fold higher violent crime rate than the state. Additionally, its quality of life, cost, and economics make it the worst Alabama city to reside in.

2. Alaska: Anchorage

Anchorage has a high cost of living and a high violent crime rate compared to other Alaska cities. Mountain View is risky.

3. Arizona: Douglas

Douglas is a border town in southern Arizona. The worst city in Arizona to live in, it has a low concentration of restaurants, pubs, and cultural attractions and a high poverty rate.

4. California: Mendota

Nearly half of local residents are poor, thrice California's percentage. The Californian city is the worst to live in because it lacks amusement.

5. Colorado: Pueblo

Nearly 25% of Pueblo people are poor, double the state rate. Pueblo is also risky.

6. Connecticut: Bridgeport

Due to the poor job market, nearly 20% of Bridgeport, Connecticut, residents live below the poverty line. The city's high cost of living strains citizens' finances.

7. Florida: Florida City

Florida City, the state's worst city, with quadruple the state jobless rate. Violent crime is also high.

 8. Georgia: Union City

Union City has lost employment while the nation has gained them. Union City is among the most deadly US cities. Larceny, car theft, and violent crimes are frequent in the city.

9. Hawaii: Makaha

Hawaii has the nation's highest living costs. Makaha is Hawaii's least affordable city. The average home costs three times the median annual salary.

10. Idaho: Rexburg

In Rexburg, Idaho, housing affordability hinders quality of life. It's Idaho's worst city to live in because the average home costs seven times the median household income.

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