10 Changes I Made to Lose 100 Lbs and Save Money

1. I Replaced My Dishes

Anyone who has priced dishes lately knows that replacing all your dishes is pricey, but I didn't do that. Instead, I gave the large dinner plates to a resale shop and used the smaller plates that came with my set.

2. I Drink More Water

I pour my drinks into little cups with one exception. I can drink as much water as I want and always carry a large water bottle.

3. I Kicked My Coke Habit

I abused coke. No, the soft drink. I drank about a six-pack a day. I quit Coke.

4. I Prepare Healthy Snacks

I eat. I still do it despite my best efforts. I need nutritious snacks for these desires.

5. I Plan My Meals

I never thought about what to eat until I was hungry, which was a problem. Because it was easy and filling, I ate a lot of unhealthy prepackaged meals.

7. I Take The Stairs

I also quit taking elevators to exercise more. I now climb stairs.

8. I Sleep When I’m Tired

As I became more aware of my eating triggers, I discovered this one, too.

I Practice Stress Relief

Stress is my other food trigger. I eat when anxious. I can recognize stress and find strategies to lessen it. 

10. I Know This Is a Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet

I slowly accepted this. I recognize that what I'm doing today is a lifetime commitment, not simply when the weight is gone. I must maintain these lifestyle adjustments to shed and maintain weight.

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