10 Signs Your Relationship Is Settling

1. You are scared you won't get what you want

But if fear takes over and you choose a mate based on fear, it's not a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.

2. You suppress your personality

Accepting flaws, opinions, lifestyles, and idiosyncrasies is mutual. If you're pretending to be someone else to escape a breakup, that's a warning indicator.

3. You don't talk about your partner or family.

It's natural to talk about other things with family—you have to catch up. If you're avoiding it, explore it.

4. Couples counseling hasn't worked 

Counseling can keep couples together. It may indicate that you should be apart and are settling.

5. Your gut says this is the wrong relationship

Relationships often follow our hearts.I encourage my clients to explore their gut instincts and feelings. We examine their gut reactions.

6. You stay together for the kids 

Not for everyone. Even happy couples always claim kids as a reason to stay together. It's a sign of settling and hurts youngsters.

7. You and your partner always put your needs last.

Relationships require compromise and sacrifice. If it's a chronic behavior and you're always doing it.

8. Time pressure 

It's excellent to want a baby, to grow old with someone, or to buy a home with someone.

9. Avoiding intimacy and vulnerability

Mutual understanding is lost if this isn't possible. In a relationship that avoids intimacy and vulnerability.

10. You want a new relationship.

Anyone in a relationship wishes their partner would change, but if you enter a relationship hoping your partner will change, you aren't accepting them as they are.