20 Rice Bowl Recipes

Tuna Poke Bowl

Homemade poke requires three steps: Marinate the fish, prepare the veggies, and assemble!

Brown Rice Bowl 

Rice bowls are the perfect lunch recipe for using all your meal prep materials.

Spicy Sesame Rice Bowls

Korean red pepper paste heats up this time-saving slow cooker dish. Bonus: Under 500 calories!

Sticky Tofu Bowl

For an amazing sweet-salty flavor, roast tofu with soy sauce, dark brown sugar, and chili garlic sauce.

Greek Chicken Grain Bowl

This healthful, tasty lunch can be made ahead with rice or farro.

Gochujang Fried Rice

Sweet-spicy gochujang enhances fried rice.

Mediterranean Chicken Bowls

Brown rice works well with oregano chicken, but couscous is lighter and fluffier.

Instant Pot Beef Curry

Five ingredients make a delicious stew that goes well with white rice.

Rice Cooker Chicken

This one-pot meal requires a rice cooker: Chicken and grains cook simultaneously over the grains.

Mushroom Fried Rice

Make fried rice on your indoor or outdoor griddle: The heated surface can fry a lot of fried rice for a crowd.

Chicken Quinoa Bowls

This warm grain and arugula dish with herb-crusted chicken, olives, and tomatoes makes a healthful lunch any day.

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