4 Easy Ways to Fight for Abortion Rights

For reproductive freedom, this is a very important time. Politicians and activists who are against abortion want to take away our right to decide what happens to our bodies.

Since Roe v. Wade, state governments have already passed more than 1,300 limits on abortion, making 2021 the worst year ever for abortion rights. 

 More than 560 rules have been proposed in 47 states so far this year, and more than 100 of them have been made law. In September, Texas's S.B. 8 law made it illegal to have an abortion after six weeks, which is before most people even know they are pregnant.

Restrictions on abortion hurt real people, especially Black, Latino, and Indigenous communities, where systemic racism and discrimination have made it hard for people to get health care and get jobs. 

They hurt people who don't have enough time or money to drive long distances to get an abortion. They hurt people who don't have much money, can't change their work plans, can't get to work, or don't have access to childcare or transportation.

1. Shout Your Support for Abortion Access

2. Support Abortion Funds

3. Support Reproductive Justice Organizations

4: Follow Planned Parenthood

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