4 Snake-Attracting Scents

1 Rodent Droppings

Rats, mice, and hamsters attract many snakes, especially larger ones like pythons, boa constrictors, and various rat snakes.

Snakes don't eat garbage, but their prey does. Snakes will follow rodents. They feed them.

2 Pheromones

They'll be out more but won't eat each other. Male snakes may search for female snakes, especially during mating season, based on their pheromones.

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3 Bird Droppings and Bird Nests

Since most snakes are 'ambush' predators, they set up in regions where their victim left smell.

Rat snakes eat bird eggs, therefore "the scent of birds, their droppings, or their nests could potentially attract these species."

4 Amphibians and Fish

Water snakes and some garter snakes appreciate the smell of amphibians like frogs or toads and fish.

Snakes eat opportunistically. They crawl until they find a scent or movement, which they eat.

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