5 Reasons to Use Jamun Seed Powder

Jamun, a summer market staple, has many health benefits. It regulates blood sugar. Jamun seeds enhance insulin production, manage diabetes, and provide additional health benefits.

Jamun seed powder benefits: 1

Jamun seeds reduce blood glucose and glycosuria. Jamboline and jambosine in the fruit seeds decrease sugar release and raise insulin levels. It is diabetic-friendly due to its low glycaemic index.

Jamun seed powder benefits: 2

It regulates urination and sweating as a cleansing herb.

Jamun seed powder benefits: 3

Antioxidants stimulate the liver. Antioxidants protect liver cells from free radicals. It also reduces liver inflammation.

Jamun seed powder benefits: 4

Ellagic acid in jamun seeds powder may help control blood pressure swings.

Jamun seed powder benefits: 5

Flavonoids and phenolic components in jamun seeds fight free radicals.