5 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World

Every dog breed is cuddly and makes a good family companion, but some are stronger. It might be weight, biting force, or a combination of both.


Malinois (Belgian shepherd) dogs are smart and hardworking, but novice owners should avoid them. This dog is too aggressive for families with little children.  

Bernese Mountain Dog

A breed of Swiss mountain dog, these large working dogs are calm and friendly, but don't let their jovial character fool you. They do exhibit great strength that should not be taken for granted

English Bulldog

Bullbaiting with English bulldogs involved attacking a staked bull.

Chow Chow

Chows are difficult to train and aloof. They make good family dogs with patience and positive reinforcement.

Irish Wolfhound

Wolfhounds are not aggressive. Wolfhounds are called "gentle giants" because they are affable to newcomers and poor guard dogs.

Size makes them powerful. Wolf-hunting gave them their name. They hunted deer, wild boar, and Irish elk.

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