6 Clever Ways to Wear Nude Lipstick

Nude liquid lipstick, which started a few years ago, is still going strong.We'll help you choose the right nude hue for your skin.  We have six nude lipstick styling tips for you too.

1. Wear it as is

To avoid seeming washed out, choose a tint somewhat darker than your skin tone. But make it warmer than your This liquid lipstick's primer prevents wrinkles.

2. Mix and match

Mix & match, wear different colours for different events, etc. If you desire brown lipstick with a hint of crimson for regular wear.

3. Lighten a dark lipstick

Dab a lighter hue of the same family. It lasts 26 hours, so don't bother about touch-ups.

4. Get glossy coloured lips

Since lip gloss is transparent or translucent, we see our natural dark lip color.

5. Add depth with dark lip liner.

Don't toss it away—we have a hack for such lipsticks! Try a third alternative instead of tossing or looking washed out. Using a deeper lipstick or lip liner.

6. Contour for a pouty effect

Start with a light shade. To make your lips pouty, use a slightly darker nude colour in the center.

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