6 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

These are without a doubt some of the most trustworthy dog breeds out now, from the courageous German Shepherd to the loving Golden Retriever. Whether it be a cute lap dog or a dependable guard dog, each breed has a unique set of unique characteristics that make them ideal pets.

Australian Shepherds

Australian shepherds are a great buddy for anyone searching for a hardworking companion, despite not being the friendliest of the canines.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not particularly formidable in the wild. These dogs were developed in Africa, where they honed their tracking prowess .


These fluffy white balls always smile. Sled dogs' mouth corners turn up to prevent drool and icicles.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are gregarious dogs. These dogs will be loyal to the whole family, not just their owners. Labs are active, so expect lots of outdoor time.

Shiba Inu

Shibas are a newer breed in the US. Japan's top dogs are these. Their fox-like appearance fits their boldness.


Queen Elizabeth II trusts corgis. As amiable yet independent home dogs, the breed is popular.

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