7 Foods High in Iron You Should Include in Your Diet

Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate is an excellent source of iron, but in order to get your healthy fix, you must eat them.

Kalamata Olives

Pick the Kalamatas the next time you're at the olive bar: Each half cup has 1.2 milligrammes of iron.


Not only are cashews a heart-healthy snack. Additionally, they contain a tonne of the mineral, more than 13.4 milligrammes per cup.

Dried Apricots

The ideal sweet treat for a hangry moment, a cup of dried apricots also has 3.5 milligrammes of iron.


A bunch of this superfood vegetable adds 4.4 mg of iron to stir-fries, salads, omelettes, and side dishes.

Pumpkin Seeds

Lightly salted pumpkin seeds are not only incredibly portable, convenient, and delicious, but they also have 2.1 mg of iron per cup.

Black Beans

 More iron is present in a half-cup of black beans or chickpeas than in a 3-ounce portion of flank steak.

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