7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Go to Bed Earlier

Getting a decent night's sleep—between seven and nine hours per night—is critical to sustaining healthy health.

When making big changes to your health regimen, it is critical to have a clear knowledge.


If you want to enjoy going to bed early, enhancing your sleeping environment can make all the difference.


Enjoying the rhythm of your nighttime routine will help you look forward to sleep.



Setting measurable goals for your sleeping patterns is another approach to drive yourself to sleep earlier.

It may also help to design a rewards system that incentivizes a job well done to help reinforce those aims.


Making exciting morning plans can also help drive you to get to bed earlier. You'll want to be as rested as possible with something to look forward to.


Focusing on your personalised sleep goals, experts advise noting any good improvements you may see as a result of going to bed earlier.


The Result

"Being proud of yourself and grateful for your accomplishments can help you stay on track and motivated."

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