8 Avoid Target Purchases

Greeting cards

She recommends getting greeting cards from the Dollar Store because Target may be expensive.

Gift wrap

If you spend $7 on a birthday card and $5.50 on wrapping paper, you may spend almost as much as the present.

Pet supplies

Target's assortment of pet supplies—including toys, food, leashes, and litterboxes—is also restricted, especially for higher-end products.


Experts recommended avoiding Target book purchases. You may always visit your local library, but if you want a book, they recommend to purchase elsewhere.

Target brand diapers

Target's Up & Up diapers are cheaper than Huggies and Pampers, but GearLab Baby found them unsatisfactory.


Target's toiletries aren't the cheapest. Walmart outpriced Target in most categories, including toothpaste and body wash.


Unless you're shopping during Target's Christmas blowout deals, it's preferable to buy major tech online, where you can compare costs.

Decorative pillows

Target has a whole aisle of decorative pillows, and their bright colors and fanciful designs are appealing.

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