8 Colorful Fall Flowers

This sturdy bush becomes vivid red in fall, earning its name! Plant a mixed border or privacy screen.

Asters bloom late and attract many pollinators, so you'll appreciate the flowers and their visits.

This perennial is planted for its vibrant leaves, which ranges from lemony yellow to watermelon red. It retains leaf color from spring to the first harsh cold.

This autumn sedum has upright growth and brilliant pink flowers in late summer and early fall.

These stunning flowers range from small buttons and balls to huge dinner plate-sized blossoms. Leave bulbs underground in warm regions.

Oakleaf hydrangeas have fall leaves. If you prune this shrub in the fall, you'll chop off next year's blooms since it grows on "old wood."

Sunflowers can get up to 10 feet tall. Spring seeds provide late summer and fall color. Some have seeds you can eat or give to birds!

New shrub roses are disease-resistant and hardy. Many varieties bloom best in early to mid-autumn.

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