8 Most Outrageously Expensive Hot Dogs In America

Mischa Hot Dog

This dog costs $29 and comes with a hot dog on a potato bun with chili and other toppings. But people who have tried the dog say that it is nine inches long and weighs an impressive eight ounces. 

CouCou's L'Haute Dog

This "boozy cafe" near the beach in Los Angeles serves martinis, oysters, and a $25 hot dog that you'll need a knife and fork for.

Gordon Ramsay Burger Bloody Mary Dog

His well-known restaurant in Las Vegas has a very creative and very expensive hot dog on the menu. 

Charlie's Bar & Grill Korean Style Hot Dog

This big dog is one of Charlie's Bar & Grille's signature dishes at the Wynn Las Vegas Casino and Resort. It has a lot of different tastes. 

The Quiet Few Simple Dog

The Simple Dog, which is a quarter-pound beer braised beef dog on a buttered brioche bun and costs $8, is one of the more expensive hot dog options at the cozy Boston bar The Quiet Few. 

Rare Lounge Pigs in a Blanket

Rare Lounge is a small, modern room inside the Encore Boston Harbor hotel in Massachusetts. It serves high-end snacks like tuna tartare, truffle grilled cheese, and pigs in a blanket for $17.

The Standard's Yacht Dog

It made The Yacht Dog, a $75 hot dog with caviar on top that will be on the menu all of October. All of the money from sales will go to the charity Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR).

Serendipity 3's Haute Dog

The famous New York City restaurant, which is known for its frozen hot cocoa and over-the-top sundaes, made a $69 item in 2010 that broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive hot dog.

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