9 Cutest Small Dog Breeds

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkies have been considered a "fashionable" pet since the late 1800s.

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 A devoted and caring companion. This tiny pup is great with children and families and makes a terrific watchdog.

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One of the most popular small breeds, is a tiny pup that dog enthusiasts enjoy having around.

Boston terrier

Brussels griffon

Despite their odd appearance, Brussels griffons are intelligent, versatile, and cat-friendly. 

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Cavalier King Charles spaniel

This puppy is sweet and devoted to its family. These dogs are said to be highly elegant.

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The Shih Tzu's charm corresponds to its lively and energetic nature. A breed distinguished by its luxuriant coat and beautiful features.

Shih Tzu


The Pomeranian is a little puppy of Nordic origin. This is a gentle and active breed that is intelligent and curious.


This breed is little and adorable, and it checks all of the boxes for a nice dog.

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The Pekingese is a wonderful and charming dog to be around. It's an intelligent watchdog who prefers grownups and feline companions.


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