9 Ways to Makeup Waterproof

Dust on Setting Powder

Everyone knows to help your foundation last longer, you use a setting powder. It also waterproofs it. Apply foundation with a Beautyblender and set with your preferred setting powder.

Layer Your Eyeliner

After setting your makeup, apply your customary black, brown, or blue eyeliner and set it with a matching cream shadow.

Apply a Tint

Blush makes us look younger. It fades or smudges at the beach or pool. Instead, colour your cheeks with a cheek stain. If you want more color, add another blush on top.

Seal Your Makeup

For water-proof eyeliner, lipstick, brow color, shadows, and blush, use a quick-drying, smudge-proof liquid like Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal. It's miraculous.

Spritz on Setting Spray

A generous spray of setting spray forms a layer that protects your beat from sweat, humidity, and water splashes.

Prime Your Brows

Waxy primers hold brows in place. Brow Primer over top of your preferred powder or pencil repels water. To catch all brow hairs, work it forward and backward.

Lightweight Gel Moisturize

A muggy, damp city day doesn't inspire thick, creamy moisturizer. Avoid strong eye creams and apply a gel to prepare the skin around the eyes.

Swipe on Lash Primer

Budge-proof lashes can be achieved using waterproof mascara, but we know how difficult it is to find the right formula. Applying a lash primer before mascara makes it tear-proof.

Add Duraline

Inglot's Duraline makes things waterproof. Few drops are needed.

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