Antarctica's Eight Penguins

1.Emperor penguin

Emperor penguins may be the most iconic penguins.They eat crabs, squid, and fish in the Ross Sea and Weddell, especially Snow Hill Island.

2. Adélie penguin

Adélies, the most widespread penguin species, spend winters on the northerly Antarctic pack ice.

3. Gentoo penguin

Gentoo penguins are second only to emperor penguins in population scarcity, with 300,000 breeding pairs in Antarctica.

4.Chinstrap penguin

An expedition ship spotting a chinstrap penguin isn't shocking with seven million pairs worldwide. Adult chinstrap penguins average 68 to 76 cm tall and 3.2 to 5.3 kg heavy.

5.Macaroni penguin

12 million crested penguin pairs live on islands. Both macaroni and chinstrap penguins grow to 70 cm and 5.5 kg and eat fish, krill, and squid.

6.Rockhopper penguin

The northern, southern, and eastern rockhopper penguins are differentiated by reproductive behavior and breeding site.

7. Magellanic penguin

Magellanic penguins are 60–75 cm tall and weigh 2.5–6.5 kg. If humans approach, they hide in their nesting burrows.

8. King penguin

King penguins, the second-largest penguin species after emperors, weigh 16 kg (35 pounds) and stand 94 cm (37 inches) tall at maturity.