Eating Habits Destroying Your Body After 30

Calcium and vitamin D deficiency

As indicated, your bones lose density in your 30s. Calcium and vitamin D can help delay this process and maintain bone strength.

Vitamin D helps prevent fractures and inflammation and strengthens bones like calcium.

You've avoided heart- and gut-healthy foods

Focusing on whole grains, 'healthy' fats, fruits, vegetables, and oily, coldwater seafood will assist improve heart health before menopause.

Too much added sugar

In your thirties, eating high-glycemic index carbs spikes your blood sugar, which requires more insulin to remove glucose from your blood and stores fat.

Switching to lower-glycemic index carbohydrates and resistant starch-containing carbohydrates can help regulate blood sugar and make cells more insulin-responsive, keeping you lean and preventing metabolic issues as you age.

You binge drink and party like in your 20s

Alcohol can cause weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic issues. Binge drinking is more than four drinks for women and five for males.

Protein deficiency

Maintaining muscular mass, which starts to break down in your 30s, is crucial to keeping your metabolism going.

To maintain muscle mass in this decade, include a protein-rich source at each meal, such as Greek yogurt, legumes and lentils, eggs, cottage cheese, tofu, fish, or lean meats and poultry.

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