Foods that are high in nutrients can help speed up your metabolism.


Eggs and egg whites are good ways to give your body energy. The USDA says that there are 6.3 g of protein in a big hard-boiled egg.


You can also roast them as a snack, add them to a salad, or put them in a food processor to make your own hummus.


One cup of chopped walnuts is the perfect snack to take with you because it's filling, doesn't make a mess, and gives you nearly 18 g of protein in just a few bites.


Beans are a good source of plant-based protein, and many types, like green beans, are also a good source of soluble fiber. Weir says that because of this, they slow the glycemic reaction, or the rate at which sugar gets into the bloodstream. This may be good for the metabolism.


Weir says that flaxseeds are a soluble fiber that helps the gut bacteria, which could help the metabolism. They are also a good way to get energy. You can mix them with yogurt to make a breakfast pudding, add them to a smoothie, or put them on a salad.


As long as you don't eat too much, cheese can be part of a healthy diet. About 25 grams of protein are in a cup of cheese, so eat that with an apple for a filling afternoon snack.


This fruit's protein has all nine necessary amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. It has also been looked into as a food that helps people lose weight and, by extension, speeds up their metabolism.


Whole milk is a great way to get calcium, which is good for your bones, and it also has 8 g of protein per cup.

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