Makeup Tips for Oblong Faces

Makeup enhances your characteristics and highlights you. It lets you discover your finest colors. One solution won't work for eight billion people with different facial structures.

If you use a routine for a heart- or diamond-shaped face on an oblong face, you may not like the results. Your cosmetics should enhance your features. It should reflect you and highlight your features.

Makeup Widens Oblong Faces.

Makeup is wonderful for creating illusions to highlight or hide features. Makeup that widens the face balances oblong faces.

Even blush should match your face contour. Sams advises oblong-faced folks to apply blush directly to their cheekbones and blend rearward for extra width.

Highlight key areas to reflect light over the face.

After contouring, highlight. Highlighting the cheekbones in a line toward the temple creates width. Add it on your nose and under your brows. Highlighting your forehead or chin would lengthen your face.

If your oblong face has broad cheekbones, contour less and vice versa. To add depth, contour rounder features. Your cheekbones should be deep enough to make your eyes look central. Try these strategies to select the best one for your face.

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