10 Quick Lunch Ideas To Turn Your Work Day Around

10 Quick Lunch Ideas To Turn Your Work Day Around

Buddha Bowls

The beauty about this bowl is that it's infinitely adaptable. You can roast just about any veggie, use any number of toppings, and it'll taste amazing in this recipe. The only thing we might insist you must keep on the bowl is the incredible peanut dressing. 

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

This lunch-friendly recipe uses canned chickpeas, meaning it comes together in less than 30 minutes. Our lemon-parsley vinaigrette here is perfectly tart and fresh with a hint of spice, and you're going to want to put it on everything.

Copycat Wendy's Chili

Apparently one of the reasons chili was put on the original Wendy's menu was to help eliminate food waste by using the leftover burger patties. We're glad they did, because this copycat chili is delicious.

Chicken Patty

Move over cafeteria school lunch, chicken patties are here, revamped and ready to impress. It was very important to us to create this sandwich with a few classic ingredients in mind: shallots, garlic powder, shredded lettuce, pickles, and honey mustard mayo.

Steak Grain Bowls

These bowls come full of all the greens, protein, carbs you need to get through your day, but in a really exciting way: A double-purpose chimichurri acts as a marinade for the steak and a finishing sauce for the bowls.

Copycat Chicken Lettuce Wraps

We flavored ground chicken with hoisin sauce, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sriracha, and sesame oil.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

To make a chicken salad sandwich, but this is our favorite—green apple, red onion, and celery add crunch, while mustard, mayo, and red wine vinegar add creaminess with the perfect amount of tang.

Chinese Chicken Mandarin Salad

This recipe was semi-inspired by the Chinese Chicken Salad at The Cheesecake Factory, with one main difference: They use wonton strips and crispy rice noodles, whereas we sub in a block of broken up ramen to act as crunchy croutons.

Caribbean Cobb Salad

A bit brighter than the traditional Cobb salad, this version combines fresh mango, creamy coconut dressing, and spiced salmon to create a punchy, spicy, filling meal. Crushed plantain chips and sweet bell pepper add a satisfying crunch.

Tuna Macaroni Salad

If you love tuna salad and macaroni salad for lunch, the only logical thing to do is bring the two together in a generous serving of spicy tuna mac. This recipe calls for quick-pickling red onion, shredded carrots, and chopped pickles while the pasta cooks so you get nicely tart and crunchy elements in every bite.

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