The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, you challenge yourself in everything. As a fire sign who seizes the day, you rise early. Your perfect workout starts your day with sweat and vigor. Spinning classes have funky lights, upbeat music, and friendly competition.

Aries: Spinning

You hate crowded gyms. You like working out and living outside. Outdoors grounds you. Hiking is fun on weekends and off days. With so many free trails and parks, you'll never get bored walking amid the trees.

Taurus: Hiking

Gemini, you're outgoing and energized by others. You appreciate trying new things and being social, unlike other signs. You want to work out where you can feel the burn and make friends.

Gemini: Zumba

Cancer's energy fluctuates with the moon's cycles. You prefer mood-based decision-making over routine. Pilates combines moderate movement with core training to let your body lead you.

Cancer: Pilates

Fitness should be exciting and effective, so you won't wait for the squat rack. You like group fitness sessions that make you perform. Ballet barre is popular and matches your dramatic side.

Leo: Ballet Barre

Virgo, you're probably already exercising as you're health-conscious. If you want to change things up, locate something you can fit into your busy schedule. You feel best balanced in a daily routine.

Virgo: Yoga

Libra loves, not fights. Your Venusian energy makes you a leader or mediator. You're a sociable butterfly, but you like to workout alone and push yourself. That's why CrossFit may be your perfect fit.

Libra: CrossFit

Martial arts or kickboxing sessions may be perfect for releasing pent-up anger. These workshops are more than just striking objects for fun—they're an art form that requires discipline to master—all the things you need to start a new passion project.

Scorpio: Martial Arts

With so many tricks and methods to learn, this workout won't bore you. You're driven and need an outlet. Focusing on work and interests usually does that. You're special because being busy energizes you.

Sagittarius: Aerial Silks

Rock climbing may appear clichéd for the goat sign. Capricorn, this activity requires ability and long-term devotion, which interests you.

Capricorn: Rock Climbing

Aquarius needs freedom. You want to experience life, not avoid commitment.  Cycling's freedom will spark a lifetime love of the open road, whether you're riding locally or cross-country.

Aquarius: Bicycling

Pisces is laid-back. Enjoy life! Muscle building and goal-setting aren't necessary. Daily movement and stretching are fine. As a water sign, you prefer aquatic activity.

Pisces: Water Aerobics

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