The Most Common Rabbit Diseases

Many rabbit-owning families value them. Unfortunately, rabbits, like other pets, are susceptible to many illnesses. Educating yourself on common rabbit ailments may help you prevent them or notice them faster to get your rabbit assistance.

Rabbit Ear Mites

Rabbits' huge ears aren't usually clean. Rabbit ear mites eat wax and oil. They make your rabbit itch, scratch, and shake its head. Untreated ear mites can cause bacterial and fungal secondary infections.

Rabbit Reproductive Tumors

Mammary, uterine, and ovarian cancers are too common in pet female rabbits, while testicular cancer in male rabbits is detected. Reproductive cancer prevention is one reason to spay and neuter pet rabbits.

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Rabbit Abscesses

Rabbit abscesses are everywhere, but dental disease causes them. They are tough to treat since they live on rabbit organs and skin. Since it doesn't need oxygen to survive, the sort of bacteria in these abscesses makes therapy harder.

Rabbit Ear Infections

Though a simple ear canal swab may not detect certain infections, ear medicine can be used to treat them. Ear infections also cause redness, drooping, odor, and scratching.

Rabbit Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot is common among fat rabbits, rabbits who don't exercise, rabbits that sit in their soiled litter boxes or bedding, and pet rats. Bumblefoot hurts, so your rabbit may limp or refuse to walk.

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