The Top 7 Weight-Loss Desserts 

Energy bites

I'll add heart-healthy chocolate, magnesium-rich peanut butter, whole grain oats, fiber-rich almonds, and nutritious chopped dried apricots or dates to these delectable treats. 

High-fiber ice cream

Fiber stimulates satiety hormones that tell your brain you've eaten, helping you stop eating. High-fiber sweets include ice cream, yogurt with berries, cookies, and puffs.

Dark chocolate

Higher cocoa percentages mean less sugar and more fiber. Pair a couple squares of your favorite dark chocolate bar with a handful of almonds or frozen yogurt for added protein.

Protein mugcake

Designer Protein powders are my favorite since they offer dietary options and delightful flavors like french vanilla, vanilla coconut, and double chocolate.

Fruit and yogurt

These options combine carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat for satiation and flavor!

Avocado gelato

Avocados are surprising weight loss sweets! Segal Fidler from The Lodge at Woodloch recommends this Raw Lemon-Lime Pie.

Nutted baked apple

Walnut-topped baked apple. Nut fat and apple fiber are good. Strawberry-peanut butter-dark chocolate—fat and fiber! And tasty. Sweet chocolate.

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