Top 10 Healthy Dog Breeds


Beagles are medium-sized, energetic dogs with a good sense of smell and hunting ability. Beagles are usually healthy. Eye and hip problems are common in senior dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog

Active folks can run or hike with the athletic and intelligent Australian cattle dog.  Due to wear and tear, their busy lifestyle might cause joint or ligament problems.


Chihuahuas are smart and energetic for their size. They usually live healthy. Heart, eye, and patellar luxation concerns are associated with the breed. 


Greyhounds are among the fastest dogs. These dogs average 10–13 years. They live healthy lives. This is life-threatening, so watch their eating.


Poodles are not prissy. Poodles are smart and athletic. Poodles were originally hunting dogs. They may have eye and joint problems.


The Havanese, Cuba's sole native dog breed, is small, intelligent and friendly. Hereditary deafness can affect these healthy dogs.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a strong, athletic canine noted for sled-pulling. It's perfect for lengthy daily walks, runs, or treks.


Basenjis are smart, athletic, and cat-like hunting dogs. They groom like cats and yodel instead of barking

Border Collie

Border collies are smart, athletic, and driven. They thrive on work and can learn most jobs, especially that take a lot of mental and physical energy. 

Mixed Breed

Mixed-breed dogs are less likely to have genetic problems than purebred dogs due to their large gene pool.