Top 10 Makeup Tips for 40+ Women

Know your undertones

A Los Angeles-based makeup artist and founder of an eponymous cosmetics business advises knowing your undertone while choosing foundation.

Discover your best colors.

After knowing your undertones, use a color wheel to find complementary hues. Neutral undertones may wear everything. You can also match hair or eye colors.

Always prep your skin

Always use skincare before makeup, with moisturizer, eye cream, and primer.

Go light on the foundation

For a more natural look, apply makeup from the center of the face outward.

Avoid or use powder sparingly.

The makeup professionals all agreed that omitting powder or strategically applying it is vital to a youthful skin.

Balance out your features

If you have a bright lip, tone down the eyes, and vice versa if you like to utilize colorful eye shadows, liners, and mascaras.

Simplify your eye makeup

Softer lines look more open and youthful, whereas strong lines look weighty. Thus, wash the lid with color.

Condition your lashes

Individual lashes open up your eyes without weighing them down, therefore Greenberg prefers them for special occasions over entire strips.

Never skip blush

As you age, blush unites everything. I use it high on the cheekbones to lift and provide dimension.

Fill the lips

Thinning lips worry many women over 40. Use a neutral lipliner before lipstick to make lips appear bigger without being overdrawn.

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